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Tea Tree Natural Foot Powder- This is the best foot powder to calm and soothe hot tired feet. The perfect blend of tea tree oil to fight bacteria , lemongrass, lavender and sage for odor control. You can also sprinkle a little into shoes and sneakers to freshen and even in your sock drawer, your fabric truck & car seats,yowza  . A little goes a long way. This powder is just fine to use as a very effective body deodorant   6 - 7 oz. $9.00

What are some of the differences between HawkMoon's  natural body and foot powders and many commercial brands containing talc? Talc can contain asbestos fibers, which is why new moms are told not to use baby powder containing talc. Tricalcium Phosphate,talc, is used as an anti-caking ingredient and can cause skin , respiratory and eye irritation. It is listed in the Hazardous Chemical Database. Traditional talc should not be inhaled. Our powders CONTAINS NO TALC
We use natural ingredients to create a talc-like product . The terrific thing about our powders is that they can be used in a wide variety of ways: directly on the skin to soothe, as an effective natural deodorant, or  sprinkled under your fitted sheets to scent your bed,  used in the clothes hamper or dryer, it can even be used to scent, deodorize and refresh your shoes. Hawkmoon 's natural talc-free body powders are made with the finest ingredients nature has to offer and available in 3 scent choices and now we offer an UNSCENTED natural talc-free powder. 


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