After a long, hard day, a nice relaxing soak in a hot bath might just be the ticket for a restful nights sleep.
Adding bath salts can enhance the experience greatly. Whether you have sore, tired feet from standing all day, or a stiff back from working at your desk, bath salts can help improve the way you feel and ease away the tension.

Herbal Citrus Bath Salts  fill the room with the refeshing aroma of  green, leafy herbs, sweet oranges,lemons and and beautiful hints wildflowers.
Not only do our bath salts come in a variety of soothing fragrances, they also offer many other benefits, including certain skin, muscle,and overall benefits

Ingredients: Pure mineral salts, pure ea salts, fragranced oil, just a bit of organic crushed rose petals.

 Large unbreakable container- 18 ounce. $14.00

Refills available

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