Bath Fizzie Balls


Super Moisturizing Fizzies also called Bath Bombs are a blissful tub treat. For dry parched skin drop one of these beautifully scented bath bombs into a nice warm bath and relax.As soon as they are dropped into the warm water they start to fizz around and dissolve.
 Relax and allow the calming scents to soothe away all your cares, while the silky, softened water moisturizes even the driest skin. Adding luxurious sweet almond oil, pure jojoba oil & Vitamin E are key to this well deserved bath experience.
Our bath fizzies will instantly leave your skin naturally soft, supple and wonderfully fragrant.

We SKIPPED those nasty ingredients that can irritate us girls, such as - Artificial DYE , SLS SURFACTANT'S (artificial foaming,bubbles agent ), NO mineral or petroleum oils. No Palm Oil

Also try an Unscented Fizzie !  If you love the feeling of soft skin and the benefits of a nice bath without fragrance added we have our wonderful bath tub fizzies totally pure and SCENT FREE.

All fizzies come attractively packaged in a clear shrink cello bag with curly ribbons, pretty bow and hang tag with all the information.

Each bath fizz weight is approximate. Shape is round, 4 - 5 ounce weight and a very generous size for those big old fashioned bath tubs. You may also crack in half for smaller bath tubs.

NO Dyes, petroleum, mineral oil, SLS - an artificial chemical foaming, bubble agent.

Ingredients: Pure corn starch, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salts, mineral salts, sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, vitamin E & golden jojoba oil and fragrance.Our fizzies are scented with pure Essential Oils (EO) and quality fragrance oils (FO) . We may add a bit of natural clay or herbs for color and appearance.

Vegan, natural, gentle & safe.                        

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