Bay Rum Shaving Soap - The only way to shave.Our shaving soap is very gentle and lightly scented.We add pure mineral clays to put a soothing layer between your skin and the razor. Made with luxurious shea butter and sweet almond oil, our shaving soap lathers up into a rich, thick creamy barrier and helps the razor glide across your skin for a close, clean shave. Put an end to razor burn and bumps . Long lasting and very gently scented.

Green Tip - Want to get a smooth, guilt free shave every single day without adding more waste to dumps & landfills? use a natural, long lasting shave soap and shave brush instead of all those cans and plastic bottles of shave foam, creams and gels. *AND *Use a  quality razor that uses refillable blades, these last for years. Do not buy disposable razors that only last for a few shaves.

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