Slice of Summer scrub to polish your skin smooth with the sweet fragrances of cucumber & melons.

Sea Salt Scrubs - Let your beautiful skin glow. Our salt scrubs are scented so that both men & women will appreciate them. Exfoliating skin should be a very important part of everyone’s skin care plan. Removing dry flaky patches has never been easier. Keep in mind that sloughing away dead skin cells, build up from lotions, creams does not mean scratching off a layer of skin. Gently massaging away these buildups on a consistent basis will reveal soft, glowing skin that looks clear and radiant.Our scrubs come in unbreakable plastic jars, safe for the tub area. Instructions are included or just email us and ask us any questions. We suggest adding a good scrub to your skin care regimen twice a month. Hawk Moon's sea salt scrubs are a great value, much lower than inflated department store prices, and made with higher quality ingredients and no fillers. 7 oz.  ONLY $7.00     ** denotes essential oils used

Ingredients: Sea salts, dead sea salts, mineral salts, sweet almond, grape seed and olive oils, jojoba oil, pure nautral clays, Vitamin E , essential oils ** and fragrance oils

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