We at HawkMoon Soaps hand make natural soaps that are extra moisturizing, lightly scented, mild and gentle for your entire family. Our soaps feel so good on your skin, they suds up fast into a thick, bubbly ,moisturizing lather.HawkMoon soaps are truely handmade, homemade, handcrafted, artisan made- these are  words that descibe our wonderful soaps!

Our pure soaps are created in the old world tradition Cold Process (CP) way. This process ensures that the soaps are not "cooked' and all the natural benefits of the oils is preserved. We use only food grade vegetable oils, wild and organic herbs, teas and pure creamy butters. By using only quality olive and coconut oils and our blend of vegan oils in our formula, you'll be assured we create a nice hard, long lasting bar of fresh soap.

Using soaps are truly homemade bar of soap just can not be compared to any commercial bar. We guarantee you are not cleansing with harmful, irritating chemicals.

And because I hand cut each one, no two are exactly the same - and that's just a human thing ≈ The bars are wrapped in a simple band that should be recycled. All our contact & ingredient information is also on the wrapper.

And, please ~

  • Don't let the soap sit in a puddle of water.They last so much longer when they are high & dry between uses.
  • Set your soap on a well drained/slotted or lifted soap dish. we offer an inexpensive dish  at this link on our site.
  • Store unused soap in a cool place that is dry, not damp. And it's a good idea to use it within 1 year.

We do Not use Palm oil of any variety, and NO animal fats in our soaps, bath or body products, but we do offer a few choices of creamy goat milk soaps. I buy the goat milk fresh from a local farm that has a dozen happy, healthy goats.

So take time a little extra time and enjoy your shower or bath with our handcrafted natural soaps. Slip into a tub filled with nice warm water and wonderfully scented with our mineral salt bath soaks . Moisturize your dry skin while letting stress slip away with one of our bath fizzy bombs.

 Relax & Take a Bath

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