Scented Soaps

Everyday we have a choice - May we suggest to Use products that truly love our bodies, care for our skin, and have a light, fresh aroma that lingers for the moment.

We are all are becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals and negative effects of synthetic additives in commercial soaps.We do not use any artificial foaming agents, our soaps produce an abundant, thick lather naturally.We do NOT use any preservatives or triclosan.

You decide to make a positive change for yourself and your family and choose soaps made with sustainable  food grade oils, fresh fair trade butters and pure spring water.

HawkMoon soaps are gently scented with blends of pure essential oils and delightful fragrance oils. These beautiful soaps are not overpowering, and they rinse cleanly away without leaving a heavy after-scent upon the skin.
All soap bars are naturally colored from off white to dark tan and some have colored clays, botanicals or juices used for appearance, texture and variety.

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