*VEGAN * Synthetic Shaving Brush  - No Badger Hair - No Boar's Hair - Look Your Best with a Luxury Barber Shop Quality Traditional Synthetic Shaving Brush. Odor Free - Animal Allergen Free . Natural wood handle is comfprtable and actractive.

Our premium synthetic bristle brush is the best alternative to badger and boar brushes for vegans, those that do not want animal products or those with sensitive skin. These super soft bristles create an astounding lather. The brush dries quickly making it ideal for travel or home use. Don't let the price of this brush fool you. It will hold it's own against brushes that cost many times more!

Synthetic Bristles - Contain no Animal Products!
Fast Drying - Great for Travel or Home!
Soft Bristles are Great for Sensitive Skin!
Creates an extraordinary lather!

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