Natural Bristle Shaving Brush- We offer a great shaving brush at an affordable price. These brushes have a comfortable feel in your hand and will whip your shaving soap into a nice thick lather.

Wet Shave Tips -
*Try shaving in the shower, using a fog free mirror. The steam from the water will help soften the hair and open the pores, leading to a smoother shave.
*Use a sharp razor,The razor should be a sharp as possible. A blunt edge will drag against skin leaving you with a painful rash.
*Soften the skin by splashing with very warm water, better yet use a steamy wash cloth - just lay lightly on your face, a few seconds really helps.
* Follow the direction of the growth, Take your time, this is not a job that can be rushed.
*Immediately after shaving apply a healing aftershave balm or cream to cool and calm your skin. A good product will reduce redness, razor burn and stinging.
Shaving strips the skin of essential oils, so after the balm, smooth on a good quality moisturizer. This will replenish the moisture and keep your skin supple and youthful.

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