Unscented Body and Foot Powder
We have created an entire line of scent free products. Yes we understand that many people have fragrance sensitivities and do not want perfumes, fragrance, artificial scents or even natural essential oils.
This body powder is silky smooth and non irritating. You may also sprinkle into shoes, sneakers, work boots to absorb moisture and odors.
♥ Kayolin Clay
♥ Tapioca Powder
♥ Arrowroot Powder
♥ Pure Corn Starch
♥ Sodium Bicarb
♥ UNSCENTED- no added fragrance-just the natural ingredient scent.

As with all bath items, take care to avoid inhalation & contact with eyes. Test on a small area of skin if known to have allergies. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children.

Gluten Free

Sold by weight not volume

Refills available

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