Instructions for a Hawkmoon Soaps Perfect Pedicure and Very Happy Feet

There are two great reasons to give yourself a pedicure.The first is to give your feet a well-deserved pampering and deep cleaning. The second is to get your feet looking healthy and polished.

First step - Cleanse  
Use a cotton pad soaked with nail-polish remover to take off old polish if your cuticles are dry, add a drop of olive oil to the pad before applying polish remover on your nail.

Wash feet in nice warm soapy water with our Natural Spearmint and Peppermint Shea Soap

Soak you feet in hot water adding 1/3 packet of Natural Foot Soak  for a full  ten minutes, scrub feet with a brush and just relax and enjoy the fragrant essential oils.
Dip a foot file in the water and use it to smooth your heals, the balls of your feet and the outsides of your pinkie toes.To get cuticles under control use the edge of a nail file to gently push cuticles back.

Double Minty Sea Salt  Foot Scrub to scrub away dead skin and build up. This is a must.

Moisturize with our Double Mint Foot & Leg thick Shea Butter Cream, and here is a great little tip - keep it chilled in the fridge for those hot, tired and achy feet and legs.

For extremely dry, cracked feet and heals may we suggest the overnight treatment with an intense moisturizing treatment with  Foot Puddin' foot balm and finish with a pair of clean cotton moisturizing socks. Simply clean and scrub feet ( or hands)   Slip on the socks or gloves and go to bed. You will be very pleased with the results in the morning
Using a clean cotton ball wash any moisturizer off your toenails and let them dry
 Create space between toes with a foam toe separator.
 Apply one coat of base coat, two coats of color and one coat of top coat.
Confused about which color is best ? "For summer, say good-bye to burgundies and browns, The hot shades are bright. Think coral with a sheen to it, hot pinks and pearls.
 Use a Q-tip moistened with nail-polish remover to remove any polish that missed the mark
Let your polish dry for an hour before putting on closed toe shoes.Apply one cote of top-coat three days after your pedicure , then every third day after that to keep polish from chipping
If your feet are going to be in the sun, use a top coat with sunscreen to keep the polish from fading. Don’t forget the sunscreen on your feet either.
And don't forget our invigorating Natural Talc Free Foot powder to help keep those feet and sneakers fresh and odor free

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