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  Foot Puddin ' - THE name says it all. This is an intense  balm, very emollient and thick enough for overnight treatment for very DRY skin. Just a small amount does both feet, elbows, or hands  Simple directions for best results included. I have added a light scent  blend of pure peppermint & sweet orange essential oils to stimulate and freshen parched skin. This is wonderful product for cracked heals, and painful cracked working hands and fingers.
Works best on moist skin. The addition of pure Vegetable glycerin that helps  pull the Foot Puddin' into the skin, locks in moisture and acts as a barrier is extremely gentle.Glycerin is a non-toxic, naturally occurring substance, so it is often used as the base of soap for sensitive skin, because it won't cause irritation.
Add the other benefits of organic Aloe Vera juice, meadow foam seed oi, jojoba and grapeseed oils, Allantoin, a product of the comfrey plant roots that has been noted to heal an repair tissue,carrot seed oil, and pure shea butter. This is a power packed treatment. Refrigerate for a refreshing change.Very econimical too !   6 ounces  $19.00

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