Natural Dog Soap

Got a dirty dog ?

Many liquid dog shampoos on the market today contain so many harsh chemicals they scour your dogs’ coat and skin, then wash away the natural oils that they need to protect skin and coat. What you have then, is a very unhappy, itchy dog.
A Natural Dog & Pet  Soap is the best alternative

This high lathering  gentle pet soap contains :  Pure Lavender & Carrot Seed essential oils to clean, deodorize naturally and pure creamy milk to soothe you dogs skin. Simply put, your pet will smell fresh and clean - not overly perfumed or bombarded with chemical cleansers that dry out their skin and strip vital oils. This bar does not contain any artificial foaming agents ( sls)  of any type. That one added chemical ingredient in other shampoos could be causing your dog to itch and scratch like crazy !.

This super sized bar is also very economical, and the lather rinses away in a snap . It's quite a nice chunk of pure soap, One size only, a Large  bar  7- 8 oz.
Caution - Do NOT use products containing essential oils on Cats without first speaking with your veterinarian.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive, coconut, soy oils, milk,  shea butter, jojoba oil, essential oils.

Dog Soaps Bar $9.50  One Big Bar

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Dog Soap