Triple Butter Natural Lip Balms are a Power Packed Lip Treatment to keep your lips naturally ultra-soft.
After all, kissing a frog isn't all that bad with soft lips

These soothing lip balms contain ---- Creamy Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, pure Cocoa and Mango Butters ,Rice bran wax, Virgin olive oil,  Vitamin E , and raw beeswax  from the bee keeper down the road  and finished with nourishing seabuckthorn oil,castor bean and  jojoba oil for long lasting hydration.

HawkMoon Lip Balms glide on easily then soak into your lips for instant softness. These are Pure and Natural lip balms are lightly flavored.

Sugar Maple - Out here in the country we steam down maple syrup from all of our maple trees. So we decided to make a brand new Sugar Maple lip balm and it's a hit !

Tea Tree & Vitamin E -  Antibacterial,antiseptic  for chapped, sore lips. Lips that need extra care for cold sores and cracks. 100% natural lip care

Plum Yummy - The name says it all, just a light fruity wisp of flavor sweetened with STEVIA, a natural sweetener

Citrus  Mint  - A nice light pure lemon,sweet orange & peppermint flavor. added Zinc /fractionated coconut oil for a SPF of 20. 

Berry Blast  -  A sweet blend of strawberry, blueberry and raspberries and we also add just touch of STEVIA ,a natural sweetener .

Lavender - Pure Lavender Essential oil with a dash of natural stevia lip balm. 100% natural

Our lip balms come safety sealed for your protection.
NEVER contain petroleum, mineral oil, dyes or refined sugar, preservative, parabens.

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Lavender - Pure Lavender oil lip balm is a nurturing blend of lavender essential oil and butters to ..
Lemon & Peppermint - A nice light pure lemon and peppermint flavor. Keep you lips moisturized an..
Plum Yummy - The name says it all, just a light fruity wisp of flavor sweetened with STEVIA, a natur..
Tea Tree & Vitamin E -  Antibacterial , antiseptic, healing, protective for chapped, sore l..