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   Bug-Repel Soap- An option to naturally repelling bugs! Just shower or bathe a..
Carrot Tea Tree Oat Soap
Carrot Oatmeal with antibacterial Tea tree oil. This bar is wonderful for teenagers and anyone who m..
Cedar Wood, Basil  Lime Soap
Cedar Wood, Lime & Basil Soap . A fresh, warm, woodsy scent balanced with sweet basil gives a..
Chamomile & Goat Milk Soap
German Chamomile & Goat Milk Soap- The benefits of German chamomile are well documented.This won..
Cinnamon, Clove & Allspice Soap
Clove - Cinnamon & Allspice Natural Soap. A warm, spicy & comforting blend of cinnamon,cl..
Citrus Blast Soap
Citrus Blast Soaps. A subtle blend of lemongrass, grapefruit, lime and sweet orange essential oils.&..
Dog Soap
Lemon Mint Soap
Lemon Minty Soaps - A refreshing Lemon blast followed by a peppermint side note. This is a great ..
Lemongrass & Ginger Soap - Lemongrass essential oil has a fresh green/lemon fragrance. It's not ..
Rose Geranium Soap
Rose Geranium - Sweetly fragrant and the one of a kind scent is uplifting and distinct.Geranium..
 Rosemary Mint - Cool, sweet Spearmint and  rosemary. Blended together these essential oil..
Rosewood  essential oil soap
ROSEWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL SOAP- this soap has a subtle,yet surprisingly sweet and warm woody aroma.&nbs..
Dragon's blood & Amber  warm and very appealing with just a touch of  sweet amber,&nbs..
Sweet Serenity - This soap is a nice balanced scent blend of Patchouli, Orange and a bit of Cinnamon..