This high lathering  gentle pet soap contains :Pure Lavender , Carrot Seed, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils to clean,condition and deodorize naturally.

We then add a healthy dose of pure creamy milk to soothe and soften you dogs skin.

Using a nice big bar of soap is actually easier than liquid shampoos.The lather is thick and creamy and dogs love that special attention of a good massage.

Simply put, your pet will smell wonderfully fresh and clean -
not overly perfumed or bombarded with chemical fragrance or cleansers.All those unnessessary ingredients just dry out their skin and strip vital oils.

This bar does NOT contain any artificial foaming agents. 

Ingredients - Olive, soy, coconut, castor oils, sodium hydroxide, whole fat milk, silk protein,skin and hail loving essential oils of - cedarwood, rosemary, spruce, lavender and carrot seed oils.

NOTE*** DO NOT use any products containing essential oils on CATS !  ****

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